When: July 29 – 31
Where: Plains Baptist Campground – Floydada, TX
Cost: $100
The Youth Summer Retreat is an end of summer weekend for students to grow closer to God and have some fun. This trip will be a great way for students to get away with their peers before the summer is over, but it’s also a way to prepare for the upcoming school year. The focus of this weekend is developing students to grow closer to one another as they grow closer to God. There will be activities to facilitate small groups and worship. Students will also get to enjoy swimming, zip lining, and so much more.

The purpose of RedeemerYouth is to grow students’ love of God, his Word, each other, and the lost. We do this by seeking to be a Gospel-centered, missional family. RedeemerYouth meets each week on Sunday evenings from 5:30-7pm at 4001 W. Illinois Ave. Students from 6th to 12th grades are invited to come and enjoy Bible study, small groups, dinner, and games.
We are currently on summer break, but we are offering a Summer Bible Study Sunday nights from 6:30 – 8:30 at the Outpost (4001 W. Illinois). Please see summer schedule for more info on events all this summer!
Jeff & Kendy Repak

About Us
We are Jeff and Kendy Repak! We are so thankful to be serving in Redeemer Youth. We have been married since April of 2020. Jeff works in Oil and Gas water treatment and Kendy is a 5th grade Science teacher at Greenwood ISD. Jeff grew up in the Dallas area and Kendy in Northeast Indiana. We have loved making Midland, TX home. We have been involved with Redeemer since January 2021. Our world is full of deceptive voices seeking the attention, trust, and allegiance of our youth. We want to serve in Redeemer Youth to be used by God as voices that point our students to Jesus: the Way, the Truth, and the Life. Fun fact about us: We’ve never met a pizza we don’t like!
Jacob & Amanda Weaver

About Us
We are Jacob & Amanda Weaver and we have three beautiful blessings; Emma (5), Noah (3) & Sophie (1). We have been at Redeemer since we moved to Midland in Fall of 2018. We are community group leaders, serve in setup & RedeemerKids on Sunday mornings and now are helping with RedeemerYouth. Like many parents, we have read many statistics about what our children are up against and what a scary world lies before them. When the Lord began to show us the importance of being intentional in preparing our own children for a world that does not treasure Jesus, He also stirred our hearts to start serving the next generation outside our home in RedeemerYouth. This group of students are unlike many from the rest of their generation. They are brave, compassionate, determined & hungry for Jesus as they navigate hard & messy things. It is a privilege to serve them and watch them grow in their love for Jesus and others.
Jacob & Sarah Bradford

About Us
Jacob grew up in Midland, TX attending Midland Christian School and Midland College. He graduated from Texas A&M in 2016 and moved back to Midland shortly thereafter. He has been a covenant partner at Redeemer Midland since 2017 where he met his wife, Sarah. Jacob works for Desert Royalty Company as an acquisition Landman. Jacob and Sarah enjoy traveling and spending time on bike rides and walks with their son, Oliver and their Labrador, Hank.
Hunter & Ashley Vick

About Us
Our names are Hunter & Ashley Vick. Ashley was raised in Temple, TX and Hunter in Tomball, TX. We met in Oklahoma where Ashley was living post-grad (Go Pokes!) and Hunter was finishing grad school (Boomer Sooner!). Hunter moved to Midland in July 2019 and began attending Redeemer in October of that same year, and Ashley joined after we got married, April 2021. We chose to serve in RedeemerYouth to equip the youth with the Gospel and to help them build a strong foundation in Christ. We have both experienced profoundly positive impacts by young adult leaders and we hope to be able to do the same!
Clay & Nicole Brewer

About Us
Clay and Nicole Brewer met in college, got married in 2018 and moved to Midland. They have been at Redeemer since Fall 2018 and serve as CG Leaders and Youth Leaders. They both grew up with impactful youth groups and mentors that pushed them in their faith, which encouraged them to get involved with Youth, to hopefully make that same impact on young people at Redeemer. Nicole works at Pioneer and Clay is an independent Landman, and they currently have one dog named Oakley. In their spare time they love to golf and go to the lake.