At Redeemer, we want to be a people who are faithful to remind ourselves about what God has done and who Jesus is. Redeemer Stories creatively tells authentic stories of lives that are being transformed by the gospel of Jesus Christ.


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Lindsey was newly married when she moved to a new city without any community to connect and process with. Focused on seminary and adjusting to her new life, tragedy repeatedly struck after personally witnessing the Boston Marathon Bombings, friends experiencing tragic loss and her sister being diagnosed with breast cancer. More cross country moves didn’t help dissipate the mountain of doubts and questions about God’s character that had begun to create a chasm between herself from Him. Isolation and depression set in until she found herself in a place of complete honesty and vulnerability with herself, God and others. This is a story proclaiming that God pursues us in our doubts, that He is sovereign over every situation and that Gospel-centered community can change everything.


Growing up in church, James had heard the Gospel, yet the pull of alcohol and drugs led him on a hopeless path of prison sentences and ruined relationships. One night in jail, he heard the same Gospel that he had heard hundreds of times, yet the Lord chose that time to open James’ eyes to the weight of his sin and his need for saving grace. This is a story of redemption and how we can never be too far from the relentless pursuit of the God who made us and longs for us to have a relationship with Him.

Living on Mission

Six year old Judah Hatch gave a simple invitation to his best friend Aiden Sosa and the Sosa family to come to church and hear about Jesus. Ruben Sosa, Aiden’s father, admittedly wasn’t pursuing a relationship with the Lord or leading his family well. The Sosas accepted Judah’s invitation to come to church and so began their journey following Jesus. When we are intentional about living on mission like Judah, we see opportunities every day to reach our friends, neighbors and classmates so that they can hear the Good News of the Gospel!


We believe that actively and consistently being a part of community is an integral part of the Christian walk and that we simply cannot grow in our faith without it. As we get to know, love and trust each other, we experience first-hand how Gospel-centered relationships create ways to serve one another and our city as we follow Jesus together. Daniel, Briget and Scott each found themselves in a season marked by the search for a church family and they began to hesitantly open their minds and hearts to joining a community group at Redeemer. After joining a group, they began to experience how life-changing it is to serve one another, pray for one another and keep one another accountable through the reading and application of Scripture. It is through these relationships and the love they shared that they’ve found the home they were seeking.


Brandon Smith became the man of the house at 10 years old after his father left their family. He developed a strong sense of duty to take care of those around him and tried to always persevere through life’s challenges. At 35 years old, he eventually came to a breaking point and experienced several personal tragedies in a short amount of time. Overwhelmed, the suffering brought him to a place of surrender and he reached out to God for help for the first time in his life. And God began to work in his life, family and marriage in powerful ways. He now lives with the humble truth that God is in control and that God has a good plan for his life.


After spending 20 years as a firefighter, paramedic and first responder, Dusty found himself battling PTSD and anger issues. After ending his marriage and acknowleging his self-destructive behavior, he agreed to attend the Mighty Oaks Recovery Program for veterans. It was there, surrounded by men of faith, that he turned to Jesus as his Savior. This is a story about how you can never drift beyond the reach of the grace and power of Jesus.


Working in Southeast Midland for five years irrevocably changed the trajectory of Bekah Tower’s life, leading her on a journey to leverage her life in service of making Jesus known in her community. Now she’s embarking on a new journey that will take her overseas to partner with a new Redeemer Church plant in Al Ain, UAE.


Jesus met Blair after she experienced a season of great suffering and confusion. Through studying the Bible with Maggie, Blair’s eyes were opened to the plan that God has for her life- one of hope, comfort and peace.


Growing up in church, Kallie was familiar with hearing the Gospel. It wasn’t until experiencing a season of depression and suffering that she truly felt the peace and comfort of Jesus. The truth of who He is and what He has done has given her life a sense of purpose and a firm identity as a child of God.