Caring for kids in the foster care system, is a big issue for anyone to tackle alone. Redeemer Church knows it takes each of us, with our individual giftings to tackle this issue.

When it comes to the Permian Basin’s orphan care, we know there are many problems and issues. Redeemer Church is full of people and families that want to impact this problem. We want to walk beside anyone who wants to get more involved in making a difference.

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What if life is just too crazy for me right now, how can I still help?

Hot meals, kids clothing, diapers and wipes are all easy ways you can bless a foster or adoptive family. Come to one of our Q&A sessions in July to find out how you can be part of our Caring for Kids Support Team!

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Is there a way I can get more info on what's going on in my city without committing to anything yet?

Absolutely! We will have partnerships with both High Sky Children’s Ranch and The Attic Foster Network. Plus our current active Redeemer Fostering families! You can visit their websites below or email Chase Bost at for more information about our partners. |

How many days is the training if I wanted to be a foster parent?

These hours will be different depending on which organization you choose to train with; but typically it will take 5 days over the course of a month, to have the hours your need to be licensed as a foster parent.

For more info on this check out – or email

Who can I email if I have more questions? – Pastor Chase is our Groups Pastor and a foster parent himself. Please let him know if you have any questions about this process, direct adoptions, or how you could get more involved in our city’s orphan crisis.

What are the differences between babysitting, respite, and fostering?
Babysitting is temporarily caring for a child in foster care for no more than 12 consecutive hours, and not overnight. Babysitters must pass a background check and complete approximately 10 hours of training (part online, part in person).

Respite is providing care for a child in foster care overnight for up to 14 days. In most cases, respite care lasts approximately 3 days. Families can be certified to provide respite without obtaining a license, or a family can complete the licensing process to provide respite and be eligible to accept more long term respite placements through CPS. To be certified, respite providers must pass a background check, complete approximately 18 hours of training (part online, part in person), complete TB tests for all persons over the age of 1 year living in the home, and pass a home walk through to ensure safety.

Foster families are licensed to provide temporary care for children who have been placed in the conservatorship of the Department of Family and Protective Services due to abuse, neglect, or abandonment. Foster families provide nurturing care and stability for children in foster care while waiting to be reunified with their birth family or as they await adoption if parental rights are terminated. Foster care can range from overnight up to several years, with the average stay being 22 months. Foster families can be dually licensed to adopt in the event that a child in their care becomes eligible for adoption. To become a licensed foster home, families must pass a background check, complete approximately 30-35 hours of training (part online, part in person), complete TB tests for all persons over the age of 1 year living in the home, complete health and fire inspections, and participate in a home study.