In this RedeemerEquip class Pastor James will walk through some very practical tips and tools to help as you study the Bible on your own. Whether you’ve been reading the Bible for years or it’s all new to you, this class will be helpful and encouraging!
Raising girls to become godly women is incredibly important and increasingly difficult in our current culture. It can often be both challenging and confusing for girls and also for their parents, grandparents & mentors.

Where is God when bad things happen? How can we worship Him during difficult seasons? How can you help others when they suffer? Click the link to hear biblical teaching on how to suffer well.
The world is in desperate need of godly men, and we have the privilege and responsibility to raise them. My sincere prayer is that the Lord will use this class to encourage and equip you on your parenting journey. May God bless you and lead you as you raise young men to be launched out like arrows into the world.
– Pastor Jason


Fight Clubs are small groups (2-4 people) that meet weekly to pray together, discuss Scripture, fight to believe the gospel, and fight against sin in a deep community in order to become more like Jesus and enjoy God in all of life.


If you are looking for more information about Redeemer Fight Clubs email Jordan Ward @